Best Ever OREO CAKE Recipe - ft. Ambika Roy Johri

If you are fan of Oreo just like me, then my friend you have stumbled upon the BEST EVER OREO CAKE recipe... Its a simple three step process with no fuss.

Bake the cake, prepare the frosting and finally assemble it. And if you are newbie or a pro who wants to impress everyone with your baking skill, just follow the recipe instructions blindly, to the 'T'. Also, I will be providing a lot of tips at the end of the recipe in the note section. So do read the entire blog.

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1. OK-CHEF Premix Vanilla/Chocolate cake 1kg
2. OK-CHEF Dark Compound Slab 100gms or Choco Paste
3. OK-CHEF Dry whip powder or Non dairy cream
4. Vanilla/Chocolate Essence
5. Amul Fresh Cream Tetra pack 50gms
6. OK-CHEF Chocolate nibs or chips
7. Oreo packs Big 2 packs.



1.Whip up the batter according to the given instructions on the pack.
2. Add 1/2tsp Vanilla or Chocolate essence as per your cake flavour.
3. Fold in some chocolate nibs or chips in the batter and gently mix it for one last time.
4. Do NOT overmix or beat the batter.
5. Pour the batter in two 7inch greased or lined cake pan and bake according to the given time and temperature on the pack.


1. Whip the non dairy cream as instructed on the pack.
2. Add some crushed oreo and mix gently.
3. Keep aside to chill for a while.


1. Heat 50gms of cream in a pan just untill bubbles appear on the sides. Don't boil it.
2. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and put it in a plastic or glass bowl.
3. Pour the hot cream, stir once gently and let sit covered for about 2 to 3 mins.
4. Gently mix the mixture to make it homogeneous. If there are still unmelted chocolate pieces, heat it in microwave in 10 secs burst.


1. Cool the cake and moisten it with sugar syrup or plain water.
2. Put a big dollop of oreo whip Cream and even it out.
3. Add some crush oreos on top of this.
4. Now place the next layer and press it slightly.
5. Cover the entire cake with the whipped oreo cream frosting.
6. Spread Ganache on the top and squish on the border gently to give the drip effect.
7. Make swirls or any pattern on the top edge.
8. Put some oreos or chocolate sprinkles on the bottom edge.

Ta-da your oreo cake is ready to be the talk of the town.


1. This cake can be made both from scratch or using premix. I have tried both the results were fab. But as company policy i made the commercial one from scratch and the one for personal celebration from premix.

2. You can use the flavour of your choice vanilla or chocolate but make sure to add the essence accordingly.

3. Follow the directions on the pack for baking the cake and whipping the cream.

4. You can bake the cakes in three 6inch cake pans too. But divide the batter equally in all three.

5. You can simultaneously use OK chef DRY WHIP CREAM POWDER. Just follow the instructions and use accordingly.

6. You can use choco paste or dark chocolate to make the ganache and drips. Follow the same process for both.

7. For decoration use any design techniques you find easy.

8. Instead, of adding oreos pieces at the bottom, try and add sprinkles of your choice.

If you still have any doubts, please feel free to leave a question in the comment box. Also don't forget to share your oreo cake creations with us.

Happy Baking!!!


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