Making a Great First Impression - ft. Ambika Roy Johri

Hey! Smart Bakers

I would like to discuss with you all the importance of making first impression.

This may look like an insignificant piece of information or advice but something very important for a long run in business.

Any guesses?

Well I'm here to talk about your CONTACT DETAILS especially your SOCIAL HANDLES.

A time when almost everything is owned and run by social media driven marketing. The least you could start is, with your OWN COMPANY LOGO and NAME.

Try to think of Unique Innovative Name and get it registered. As to how to get registered, i would request our very own Nikhil Kapoor, Owner of the upcoming stellar brand 'OK-CHEF' manufacturing baking related ingredients to enlighten us in the next blog post.

In addition to this, it is also very important for one to know how to share the business contacts especially the social handles promptly without any errors.

This shows ones professional aspects and also let one strike the iron when it's hot.

Once a piece of information is not presented instantly or has errors, it could lead one to loose out a potential client.

Let me put it in an example. A client puts up a requirement on a social media platform such as Facebook group and asks you to share your social media handles to check your work. There are chances of Three things happening.


A person is unaware of the process of sharing the social media handles/links. So he/she starts by googling the process and then shares the contact details at the required platform. It happens that the person is late and the owner closes the thread.


This time the person is aware of the process and is quick enough to post... But he/she made an error which couldn't be rectified.

In both the above scenarios, one is bound to loose an opportunity for the prospective business.


The person is aware of the process, quickly share the details without any errors, chances are he/she might get the closure. If nothing else, a few others might have noticed the pages and may recommend it to others in future.

Hence, learning how to handle social media platforms and make the most out of it is a crucial step towards growing the business opportunities.

That would be all for today.
Have a Good Day Ahead!

Ambika Roy Johri
Owner Second Helpings'

Featuring our Circle of Bakes Member

Ambika Roy Johri

Hi! I’m Ambika Roy Johri, and I am the creator behind Second Helpings’. It is a sweet lil’ start-up based out of New Delhi that exclusively focuses on handcrafted egg-free patisserie delights. Fondbites, a leading national cake magazine, and American Cake Decorating Magazine have appreciated our products and work, and have featured us on their esteemed pages. At Second Helpings’ our products are freshly-baked from quality ingredients and are hundred-percent free from toxic chemicals. We specialize in bespoke celebration cakes, designer wedding cakes, healthy-yet-flavourful tea cakes, delectable cheesecakes—to mention a few. Our other signature products consist: eggless brownies, blondies, muffins, customized cupcakes complete with adorable toppers, cake truffles, cake pops and many more. We take a lot of care and put a lot of love in the products we create for our customers, hoping that once they indulge in the gourmet delicacies, they will definitely come back for a second helping!


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