Muffin Recipe for Kids

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Toddler Muffin: Muffin Recipes that Kids can Help You Make.

Hi... I will tell you how I became a SMART MOM. I have always been looking for Breakfast Ideas. The villain in my story was BREAKFAST DILEMMA. I did not have enough time to cook breakfast for my kid. I was frustrated about wasted TIME. But, always knew "Breakfast is the most important meal".

One day, my friend introduced me to MUFFIN MIX BY BLUE INGREDIENTS. This Startup company is a team of FOOD Industry experts and their products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now, my kid helps me with...
1) Take contents out of the JAR
2) Mixes the Batter together
3) Lines up the paper cups
4) Scoop in the batter
Then, I top it with healthy veggies, berries, chocos, dry fruits, etc. And I put it to bake in preheated Oven 170°C for 30 mins.

You kids can help you Make Muffin for Breakfast too !!

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Our muffin premix provides for a premium vanilla muffin, which is the starting point for all the variety you want to create.

Moist and Delicious!!

Muffin recipe is simple that kids can help you prepare the batter, and as a breakfast muffin time. After baking, you can make great cupcakes at home. With this base vanilla muffin mix, you make more healthy muffin recipes like chocolate muffin, muffin cake, muffin cupcake, blueberry muffin, banana muffin, barn muffin, barn muffin, pumpkin muffin, savory muffin, oatmeal muffin, raspberry muffin, apple muffin, corn muffin, chocolate chip muffin, lemon muffin, vanilla muffin, cinnamon muffin, banana nut muffin, strawberry muffin, vegetable muffin, fruit muffin, and many many more.

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For best homemade muffin recipe ideas, please write to us.



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